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  • Welcome to NCM

    Welcome to NCM

    We're A Different Kind of Tech Company

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Built to Work For You and With You 


  • Bespoke Software

    Bespoke Software

    Solutions As Unique as Your Business

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    For an Integrated

    (so they'll never forget you)

  • Welcome to NCM
  • Web Design
  • Bespoke Software
  • Graphic Design

NCM is a bit different to most technology companies. For one thing, we’re pretty easy to understand - we speak your language.

What do we do?

We provide software, web design and services to help you manage your computers and IT systems more efficiently so you can be more productive.

We believe you should be able to take control of your IT instead of being controlled by it. NCM helps you to get the basics right so you can grow without the growing pains!

Our services are focused on three specialist areas:

  • Web design that works for you. We’ll build a site to showcase your business, do the selling for you and that will get seen where it counts. And we’ll teach you how to update it and work with it yourself. Even the smallest business can have a big presence.

  • Bespoke software so that you run your business with one joined-up programme throughout to reduce your software spend and harmonise the various departments on one interface. You know … when you want your system to do just what your business needs. Well, we can do that for you.

  • Integrated Graphic Design that will optimise your web strategy by creating a consistent and seamless visual message throughout all visual aspects of your business to increase brand recognition. They’re sure to remember you!