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Bespoke Software

You know when you want your system to just do what your company needs?

Well, we can do that for you. We take your specific requirements and build them into a bespoke programme that makes your company run more efficiently and allows you to work smart rather than work hard.

  • Bespoke Business Software
  • When Nothing Else Will Do

Examples of our projects include

Estimating System

We made a drag and drop system so that regularly-used items involving stock, manpower and transport can be created as one item that can be dragged into a quote with prices adjusted to make up a quote. This linked live stock and price data so that the final prices always reflect current batches of products.

Menu Printing Service

We made it so that a printing company that prints restaurant menus can allow their customers to log into their menus, change the details in real time then see a proof of the changes and approve them; at which point, the software generates a print-ready graphic and sends it to the print company ready to run.

Event Booking Software

NCM created this software which allowed several branches of a club to advertise their individual events and sell tickets via their own, individual, accounts. This meant that that all the monies got to the right clubs and events. There is also a mobile version that runs on Android, i-Phones and all smart devices, so people are updated whenever new events are added.